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Wedding photographer in Valencia and Spain. Pablo Gallego Photography

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Latest Photographic Reports – Pablo Gallego Photography

Meet our latest Wedding Reports in Valencia and Spain

Your Wedding Photographer in Valencia

We carry out wedding photography reports in Valencia and throughout Spain.

At Pablo Gallego Wedding Photographer , we carry out wedding reports in Valencia although, as you can see in our reports, we travel throughout Spain.

We are oriented to the realization of emotional wedding photography , that is, where feelings are appreciated. Putting a lot of enthusiasm, energy and passion in each of our projects, we seek that our reports are characterized by their sensitivity, careful aesthetics and elegance. We love spontaneous photographs, because in this way in our faces and our gestures, the emotions that we are feeling are reflected, in a natural way and that is what makes, when you see them again, we remember those moments and relive them with all its strength and fullness.

We seek that our Reports are characterized by their Sensitivity, a Careful Aesthetic and Elegance.

As photographers we seek to capture each and every detail, which you have prepared with so much care. We know about the effort and enthusiasm that you have put into each of the preparations and that these details are part of you and are what make your wedding yours, unique and different and nobody else’s. After the passage of time, some of these details are forgotten and others simply disappear. But the charm and seduction of photography are precisely in this, in that it allows us to relive them. And that revival is what makes us all very happy, that is what we want with our images, to make you happy, very happy and ‘build something for life’.

We want that when you see the photos of your wedding 10, 20 or 30 years later, you can remember that day as if you had lived it yesterday.

Our objetive…

“… it’s you and capture the happiness and illusion experienced in each moment.” Pablo Gallego Photography

Your Wedding Day …

We are committed to you and we will make a report to suit you.

Pablo Gallego Photography, as Valencia wedding photographers , on your wedding day we will take pictures:

  • in the houses or
  • the hotel of both grooms or
  • in that place where you prepare for the event.
  • We also include, if you wish, hairdressing and makeup photographs.

Photos include:

  • the civil or religious ceremony,
  • The cocktail,
  • exteriors,
  • the banquet, and
  • the dance.

NO SCHEDULES: We do not have schedules, we will be taking photographs until we obtain the necessary ones to make a quality report and until we are sure that all the special moments have been covered.

The full report will include at least 900 photos, although there are usually more. All the reports include a pen-drive, where all the photos will be recorded in digital format in high definition. Optionally, Photo Albums can be included for both the couple and parents. We have several options and formats that you can choose from.

Each photo will be reviewed and edited using photographic editing tools, respecting the original photograph so that it is not artificial, but fresh and natural and with the elegance that the event deserves.

Pablo Gallego as a Photographer Personally Assists each Wedding

For your peace of mind, we indicate that Pablo Gallego personally attends each wedding and only covers one event per day. What matters to us is quality and not quantity. We will be totally at your disposal, on your day.

Among my goals is that you forget that I am there, go completely unnoticed, be one of the wedding so that you can be yourself, so that you can fully live your wedding day, with your loved ones, family and friends and thus capture the moments happiness, nerves, knowing glances, tears, laughter and everything that happens.

Before carrying out the wedding report, we like to meet the wedding couple. Knowing us creates a bond between us, a trust and helps us to know what you expect from your report, what you are like, your hobbies, what makes you more or less excited, and that is very important because it allows us to carry out a report adapted to you, more personal and unique.


We tell you more details about albums, Pre-Wedding or Post-Wedding sessions, in the following button

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Pablo Gallego Photography

We put our Heart in your Report …


Photographic reports made with the Heart.
Illusion, Enthusiasm, Sensitivity is what characterizes each of our Reports.
Because we are all different and unique, your report has to be unique.
Our reports talk about you, your feelings and your emotions.

Pablo Gallego Wedding Photographers