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In Pablo Gallego Photographer of Weddings, we make Wedding Reports in Valencia as well as anywhere in Spain.
We lead our Wedding Reports to an Emotional Wedding Photography, i.e. where it appreciates the Feelings. Our purpose is to Tell Your Story and to transmit Emotions. Other characteristics of our Reports are: Illusion, Energy and Passion.

We love the spontaneous pictures because in this way, the emotions that we are feeling are reflected in a natural way over our faces and gestures. So, when you return to see the report, you will be able to remember those moments and come alive again in you, with all their strength and fullness.

We Seek Wedding Reports which are characterized by its Sensibility, Refined Appearance and Elegance.

We strive to capture the small details, which you have carefully prepared. We are conscious of the illusion and the effort that you put into each one of the preparations. These details are part of you and make your wedding different.

Building Something for Life: We Want You to See the Photographs of your Wedding 10, 20 or 30 Years Later and Remember that Day as if You Had Live it Yesterday

Our Goal...

"... are you and capture the happiness and illusion lived in every moment". Pablo Gallego Photography

The Wedding Day ...

We assure you of tailoring the wedding report to your wishes

In Pablo Gallego Photography, as Photographers of Weddings in Valencia , we take pictures wherever bride and groom are preparing for the event. Also include, photographs of hairdressing and makeup.

The photos include the civil or religious ceremony, cocktail, outdoor, banquet and dance. We don't have time limit. We only want to make a report of great quality and we will remain until we are sure that we are capturing all the special moments.

The full report will include at least 800 photographs, although often more. They are delivered in a pen-drive in high definition digital format.

Pablo Gallego as a Photographer, Personally Attends every Wedding

Pablo Gallego personally attends every wedding and only covers one event by day. We seek the quality and not the quantity. We are totally at your disposal in your day.

Wedding Album

If you want your photos printed, we offer you Albums whose production is 100% handmade with natural, durable and high quality materials, prioritizing the simple and elegant designs.
There exists more reduced Albums for parents too, but with the same characteristics.

If you do not wish any photo albums or boxes we have other types of packaging using for the photo pendrives delivery. This type of packaging is  handmade by the Valencian photographer Pablo Gallego.

In any case, we adapt to your needs and tastes , giving your story in the format you prefer

More details about our album weddings, Pre-Wedding Session, Post-Wedding Session, in the next button.

Más Detalles sobre qué Ofrecemos en tu Reportajes de Boda

Slider Wedding Photography

This wedding report let us share with you a wedding in an special way, photographs with an wonderful background melody. Don't miss them

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Pablo Gallego Photography

About us...


Wedding Photographer in Spain

Wedding Photography Reports made by Heart
Illusion, Enthusiasm, Sensibility is what characterizes each of our Reports.
Because everyone are different and unique, your Report has to be unique.
Our Report talks of you, your Feelings and Emotions.

Pablo Gallego Wedding Photographer in Valencia

Where are we ...?

We are in Valencia, Spain.  The address is Street José Aguilar 13  46022 Valencia. Contact with us and make an appoitment without obligation, to meet us and give you more information. If you live far away, we can contact by Skype. We will show you more Wedding Reports made by Pablo Gallego Photography.

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We make Wedding Reports in Spain, Valencia, Castellón, Alicante. But we travel the rest of Spain cities and around the world.




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